Saturday, November 13, 2010

End of Week One

Before I started Le Cordon Bleu my sister had asked me if I thought I was going to cut my self  when we hit the knife section in our class. all I could muster was, " I fell down a flight of stairs!  That would be a yes."  I have cut myself already and I'm proud of the fact that it took me longer than I expected.  The bad part is once you cut yourself you have to put on the blue finger condom of shame.  I have another five weeks of knife work in my classes before I can graduate to using fire.  That means five more weeks of blue finger condoms.

In better news, I joined the Spice club. At the moment our club is pushing stuffing kits made by a chef in charge of the club.  And I've made several new friends.  A couple of them are fellow former military...but it's okay, I outrank them.

So, it has now been one week of culinary school.  On average I've had about 5 hours of homework a night.  I've had my first test, in safety and sanitation (passed!), and I've had to give a speech on what led me to the school.  For culinary foundations, I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and I'll need to write a paper on it.

Stand by for more later.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


It started two weeks ago with a phone call. One tour later and I was hooked and signing papers to start classes on the eigth of November.  Today, however, is the sixth and I could have found no better way to spend my day than by getting up at five thirty this morning to prep for orientaion.  Orientation took off like a bullet leaving a gun.  There was confusion for all but the host of the event.  Upon rounding up our class and taking us to get our pictures taken, the whirl wind settled down.  From there it was pure joy the way one feels on Christmas day.  It also didn't hurt that they gave us a kit that consist of everything one needs to start cooking, plus shoes, 5 sets of uniforms and books (all charged to my student account, of course) are soon to come.