Saturday, November 13, 2010

End of Week One

Before I started Le Cordon Bleu my sister had asked me if I thought I was going to cut my self  when we hit the knife section in our class. all I could muster was, " I fell down a flight of stairs!  That would be a yes."  I have cut myself already and I'm proud of the fact that it took me longer than I expected.  The bad part is once you cut yourself you have to put on the blue finger condom of shame.  I have another five weeks of knife work in my classes before I can graduate to using fire.  That means five more weeks of blue finger condoms.

In better news, I joined the Spice club. At the moment our club is pushing stuffing kits made by a chef in charge of the club.  And I've made several new friends.  A couple of them are fellow former military...but it's okay, I outrank them.

So, it has now been one week of culinary school.  On average I've had about 5 hours of homework a night.  I've had my first test, in safety and sanitation (passed!), and I've had to give a speech on what led me to the school.  For culinary foundations, I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and I'll need to write a paper on it.

Stand by for more later.

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